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Hot water does not come out! Aikawa me wash the body in the mouth wisdom

Release Date: 2016-07-14, Duration: N/A

070816_01┬áThe took me to the poison fang of Kramer is, D cup Breasts and Ass is cute young rooms charge of women. Aikawa, who came to support in response to the claim of the not out hot water. Also proposed to have a separate room, luggage was spread, how to take responsibility After also broken valuables, and male customers that do not attempt to move in various ways with a reason. Aikawa, who divulge the “I do not want to trouble the boss, do not want to take care of” the male customers to say “come calling boss because not to ‘s person in charge of story.” Aikawa’s likely to cry is, “because the work was not finally found, do not want to be fired by this time,” he said, will show the weakness from myself. And sleeping inadvertently committee corresponding to the opponent as “How do I”, I have forgive Kramer of.

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